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To better “understand” your new metal detector, you can go two ways:

As often as possible to get out on the cop and in the course of the case to deal with the device: to what depth he takes, how reacts to certain signals, etc.
Build a testing ground for the metal detector.
I would like to emphasize that these two solutions do not replace each other, but complement each other. That is, the metal detector test at the test site will allow faster to master the device and, in general, to improve the efficiency of the search. So, actually about the landfill.

Finding a site

The landfill requires a piece of land without any signals, even black ones, with an area of at least a couple of square meters. Finding such a platform next to your home in a village, a village and even more a small town is a difficult task. As I wrote in a previous article, there is a huge amount of metal debris in the ground in existing settlements. So much so that each flap of the coil can have several positives.

It is also advisable to avoid places near power lines and other possible sources of electromagnetic interference. It turns out that it is best to create a landfill somewhere in the forest, outside the settlement. Yes, you will have to get there every time, but the place will most likely be clean.

And a couple of comments:
Check the metal detector at the landfill, most likely, will be infrequent. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with its remoteness from the house.
Soil in the forest may be different from the soil in the places where you dig. Accordingly, the device can behave differently. For example, if in the forest he “saw” the Soviet 5 cents by 30 cm, the depth on the tract on the same coin will not exceed 25 cm. Or vice versa. And it’s not just about depth.

Landfill design

On different sites and the same YouTube saw different schemes of creating a landfill:
A hole of a certain depth, on the bottom of which is put a coin and falls asleep from above.
A few buried coins, each in its place at a certain depth.
Cut the ground with niches in the wall under the coins, at certain depths.
The hole in the ground is at an angle of about 45 degrees.

I settled on the last option, because this design can see the following advantages:
You can smoothly change the depth and position of the target in a wide range.
the ground above the target remains intact, which improves the accuracy of the testing.

Once the “well” is pierced, it is necessary to insert something like a casing pipe, which will not respond to the metal detector. In my case, the pipe is plastic. For one-off testing, I suppose, you can do without a pipe. The pipe is needed so that the hole does not crumble over time. Well, the coin with the ruler will be clean.
The landfill is ready, now you need to make a ruler. Again from a material that the metal detector will not respond to. I made a thin wooden bar, just over a meter long. At the end of the bar made sawed at an angle, thick enough to fix the coin.

Marked the ruler at an interval of 5 cm. At the same time, 5 centimeters on this line is more than the real 5 centimeters. This is done to show the real depth of the coin underground, and not the distance to it from the edge of the hole (pipe).

To mark the ruler in this way, you can calculate one division by accurately measuring the angle of the pipe and operations with sinus-skins. But, because I’m too lazy to remember the school course of geometry, I did the easier thing: inserted the ruler into the pipe and with the help of roulette measured how far the ruler moves when changing the real depth by 10 cm. It turned out about 14 cm, if the memory does not change.

It turns out that 14 cm on the line correspond to the real 10 cm depth. Then just put on the line tags every 14 cm and signed them: 10, 20, 30, etc. in the middle of each segment put another mark: 15, 25, 35 cm, etc.

It took me less than an hour to do everything. At such a test site, you can check the depth of detection of different coins, the influence of various factors (target position, ground moisture, battery level, etc.) on the reaction of the device, different coils, etc.

As for my landfill, I chose a place for it not quite successful: there were other goals nearby. Although on the other hand, it allowed to check the device in “conditions close to combat.” I ended up dropping a coin in the pipe, I had to dig up, because the pipe just can not be pulled out. I’ll probably redo it, but in a cleaner place.
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