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Metal detector on "Butterfly" synchronization disruptions

For beginners, a simple metal detector scheme on two reels is based on the principle of disrupting the synchronization of these very generators. In the Internet there are many different schemes of metal detectors, but it is difficult for a novice radio amateur to adjust and adjust the collected scheme without an oscillograph. We offer to assemble a simple metal detector with your own hands with simple settings.
Metal detector features
A coin the size of 5 cents of the USSR detects up to 15 cm;
Metal lid from the jar - up to 30 cm;
metal sewer hatch - up to 60 cm.
can work in the water.
One battery charge is enough for 20 to 30 hours of operation.
15 mA.
Weight 500 grams.
Adjusts to the appropriate soil and even with good sealing of coils can work in the water. By a certain sound in headphones you can determine the type of metal.

When you power 4 V on coils about 40 V - you can apply directly to the tube .

Signals from generators are sent to plates X and Y

The frequencies are the same

Here they are breakdowns.

There were clicks in the headphones.

The generators are out of sync.

We collect the details on any non-conductive glue.

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Instructions Set-up and modes
If the battery is dry and sits down, then the setting will float away. Good battery from the phone fits.

We use a metal-plastic water pipe for construction. The bar can be connector, pipes with a diameter of 26 and 20 tightly enter one in another. Capacitors with good temperature stability, mica - it is important.

The coils and scheme cover with oil varnish. Between the coils 10 cm. Put the coils at a distance of 10 cm and glue - do not move.