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How to make a metal detector from improvised means
Surely you have already met or heard that the simplest metal detector can be made with the help of a CD and DVD disc, as shown in the photo. The scheme is quite simple and does not require any professional tool or skills.

All you need to prepare is:

discs (it is better to use two-way, because in this case it will be possible to make the device more sensitive);
Calculator (the cheapest and easiest)
The Crown battery;
The step-by-step guide to assembling a metal detector from disks and a calculator is as follows:

Cut off the headphone plug and clean the insulation on two wires (bare veins on 5-10 mm).
Each cleaned wire is divided into two identical parts (the result should be four parts)
To each of the discs attach one contact from different groups (if the media is one-way, the attachment should be carried out to the writing side). Fixing the wires with glue.

Fix the wires on the surface of the media with tape.
The remaining two wires are connected with the plus and minus of the battery, and then carefully isolate the bare contacts with the help of tape.
Take the calculator, turn it on and tape attached to the disc (which IS CD).
On top of the calculator, put the DVD disc and connect both media with tape.

On the surface of the DVD we attach the battery using tape.
We are testing a homemade metal detector made of improvised means.
You can also make a small handle to make it easy to use the device. Most often, this version of a homemade metal detector is used to search for objects in a small radius (for example, in order to find a profile when mounting electrical wiring under drywall). To find coins and non-ferrous metals, such a homemade, of course, is not suitable, but still for the house can be useful.

Idea No.2 - Use a radio

Another version of a simple, but no less functional metal detector can be assembled using the following improvised means:

CD box
A radio that works in the “AM” range;
two-way scotch.

Looking for coins without a metal detector
A detailed description of how quickly, easily and easily make a metal detector out of the radio:

On the inner walls of the box attach a calculator and receiver, using two-way scotch.
We include both devices, and the radio is set up at the maximum frequency (at the same time, that noise from radio stations necessarily absent).

We close the box and slowly open until more or less pure sound. In this position, the homemade metal detector is set to search.

As you can see, you can make a homemade one for no longer than 5 minutes. This option is suitable for teapots in electrics, because here you can do without drawings and no chips to connect do not need.

You can additionally make a pen to facilitate the process of use. With this homemade, you can check the wall before installing the socket. And then suddenly you get into the old wiring!.