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Choosing a metal detector for beginners
Beginner collectors are often passionate about their new hobby and, in addition to studying coins, purchasing them and sharing them, are also interested in treasure hunting.

Indeed, it is possible not only to realize the childhood dream and try to find a treasure, but also to get rich on it … admittedly, it’s usually not very legal. However, first you should deal with the choice of a metal detector, without which it is unlikely to find anything underground.

In the article, we will examine the types of metal detectors presented on the market, examine the criteria for their choice on the shelves, and examine exactly what devices for finding coins were in the top sales since 2016.

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Types of metal detectors

Among the variety of devices used by searchengines to search for coins, you can distinguish the following varieties:

Metal detectors for beginners

These are fairly cheap appliances that are more suitable for finding lost earrings on the beach than for tracing coin pans. Their functionality is limited, the price is small, but do not spend on such a device even a small amount of money - it is not worth it.

Mid-level metal detectors

These are quite good devices that will help and lost jewelry on the beach to find, and metal things (perhaps very expensive), many years lying in the thickness of the earth.

High-end computerized metal detectors

Such devices can even be called professional - their functionality is very large, depending on the search conditions and types of soils you can set different search modes. Such metal detectors use professional search engines, which sell the found treasures at auctions earn themselves bread and butter.

Examples of professional metal detectors: Minelab E-Trac, XP DEUS .

What to follow when choosing a metal detector


It is necessary to determine exactly what and how often you plan to use the device, so as not to throw a lot of money in the wind. If you plan to go in search of the occasional, several times a year - do not buy a very expensive model, most of the functionality of which will not even have to use.

Detection depth

The effectiveness of the metal detector is determined by the depth of detection. A high rate is achieved by using technologies that aim to compensate for soil disturbances that depend on soil mineralization indicators and impair the metal detector signal to the interior of the earth.

Depending on the frequency at which the metal detector functions, all devices can be divided into 4 groups:

The frequency of 2.5 kHz is the weakest. Such insensitive devices should be used only to search for large metal objects, besides being shallow. It is unlikely to detect a small nugget or a scattering of coins.

The frequency of 7 kHz is very low and insufficient for serious search operations. Such devices are inexpensive, but they are of little use. They will be suitable for beginners and those who are fond of treasure hunting as a hobby. The depth of detection is no more than a meter, and the cost of such a metal detector on average is 10-20 thousand rubles.

10-20 kHz
The frequency of 10-20 kHz is more than decent. Devices with such parameters perfectly help to find gold (metal with low conductivity) on beaches, rivers and other places with similar types of soils.

Bounty Hunter Platinum

Different frequency ranges

Finally, the dream of a novice treasure hunter can be called a device with a different range of frequencies. This professional device can be used for searches in a variety of soils and at different depths. It costs this kind of metal detector expensive, but also pays off quite quickly with regular use.

Difference of metals

Low-cost devices can only be configured to search for 1-2 types of metals, while expensive professional metal detectors can help to find 3 or more types of metals, as well as various alloys.

Ground balance

This additional function is present only in expensive models and allows you to determine the degree of soil pollution, its structure, and then adjust the device so that the interference created by foreign particles does not affect the search result.

Tips for choosing a metal detector

We have prepared for you a few videos, from which you can draw a lot of interesting information on the choice of metal detector.

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The most purchased metal detectors of 2015 - 2016 and their average price

And now, in order for our readers to be able to navigate the variety of models of metal detectors, consider the most popular devices from treasure hunters:

Also among the most purchased models are the Ground EFX MX100E of the Chinese manufacturer and the devices of aka.