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Bounty Hunter Platinum
The Bounty Hunter Platinum metal detector is quite easy to set up, but it may be unusual for some search engines to set up something after, for example, ACE 250. Thanks to the advanced bounty Hunter Platinum settings and refers to semi-professional devices, approaching the characteristics of minelab X-Terra 505 and Fisher F5. I’ll explain the basic settings according to the left and right menufor different situations.

Sensitivity is sensitivity. Just 10 points, 1 to 10. The most working mode is 9. In this mode you can walk through the old villages and the forest. If it is quite a garbage place, you can put 8, below Do not advise, as there will be a loss of depth. If the place is clean, for example, a field or forest, or you have to look for in high grass or snow, then boldly put sensitivity to the maximum.
Disc. Level. “Weeding out” unnecessary metals. The most commonly used mode is when the first two divisions are removed. This mode is suitable for relatively rubbish places. The main mass of finds you do not miss, only too small objects (scales, crosses) can be weeded out. On “all metals” it is recommended to walk on relatively clean and already knocked out places. Not a single metal object in this case you will not miss, only, twice as fast will discharge the battery.

Notch. “Weeding out” unnecessary metals is out of order. Frankly, I can not imagine such a situation when, for example, you need to exclude only copper. Although, this feature can be used in the purposeful search for lost jewelry. For example, you lost a gold earring (well, not you, but your wife), take a second earring and look at what segment it sounds. Accordingly, exclude all other segments from the search.

Of tones - the number of tones. Don’t change anything, leave it at that.

Volume - volume. I recommend walking at 6-7 level (so that the battery can be heard and less sat down), and at the same time glue the speaker with paper tape. You need to glue in order to level the sound high and low tones (low tone too loud lyop).

How to choose a metal detector. Price – quality

Set up on the ground bounty hunter Platinum. It’s very simple.

-click on the right menu button and choose All metals mode. Then in a clean place (where there is absolutely no garbage) lift several times the coil somewhere 20-30 cm and hold the pinpoint button (the largest). After a few seconds, you will hear a quiet signal indicating that the metal detector is tuned to the ground. I did not feel much effect from this, but it seems that with the correct adjustment to the ground, it more accurately and deeper detects metal objects.

These are the settings of the Bounty Hunter Platinum metal detector. All of the above combinations I have used for more than a year in practice (although maybe someone uses other settings).