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Making a metal detector with our own hands
Many people love to look for old coins or other rare things, but it is necessary to buy a metal detector, without it in search can not do. However, its cost is substantial, so many may not get such an important tool to search for. Therefore, in this article, we decided to tell how to make a metal detector at home, tell a few basic options and consider the step-by-step instruction of self-assembly.

How to make a metal detector from a calculator and discs

Many people have heard that without much effort now it is possible to collect a good metal detector using conventional SD discs. To assemble it does not need any professional tools and certain skills, it is enough to show a little patience. The scheme of such an unit looks like this, as you can see, there are no complex elements in it. So let’s try to collect it, initially offer to watch you this video, after it you will find detailed instructions.

Materials for manufacturing

Headphones can be found any, but they should work well.
Battery, it’s better to take the Crown.
Calculator, its functionality does not play a role here.
SD discs, take only two-way, with their help can make the device more sensitive.
This is how the metal detector is assembled from a calculator, disks. Carefully approach each stage, because any mistake will mean only one thing - your device will not work normally. You will be interested to know: how to make a charger for the car.

Cut the plug off our headphones.
Clean insulation on both wires, veins should be bare on 5-10 mm.
Each wire should be divided into two identical parts, so that in the end there were four equal parts.
Now you need to attach one wire from different groups to each disk.
Fix the wires on the disk using ordinary tape.
The remaining two wires need to be attached to the plus and minus of the crown, for this we also use tape.
We turn on the calculator, and attach it to the disk, here we use SD.
On top of the calculator you need to attach a DVD disc, all media connect ingesdate, using tape.
A battery must be attached to the surface of the DVD.

We check how the homemade metal detector works.

To make it easier to use the device you can make a simple handle, you can take a regular stick or an old mop. But, remember, the headphones should be long, if necessary, they can be increased. So we figured out how to make a metal detector at home, it can safely be used to search profiles for drywall, nails and other items in the house. To find coins it will not go, too small range.

How to make a simple metal detector with a radio

Now we have moved to the second method, it can be called the simplest, because it will not be difficult to do it. In terms of functionality, it will be a little better than the first option, but you should not put much hope in the search for coins, the maximum will be possible to find what lies on the surface. So, how to make a metal detector at home step-by-step instruction and scheme.

Search for old coins and hoards by metal detector
Initially, you need to prepare:

A radio that can run in the AM range.
Scotch is two-way.
A small box, suitable from under the disk OfD.
A little more detail on how to make it simple:

We attach our calculator and receiver to the box, you can use any materials for fixing.
Both devices are included.
We set the radio at maximum frequency, but the sound should be completely absent.
We close the box and start our search, you need to look for a calculator down.