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About the company
Explorer-store. en - online store special purpose. Here you can buy a metal detector of any model, familiarized with the characteristics and prices of the devices in advance, and you can get expert advice.

The range of our products is not limited to different models of metal detectors and has no narrow focus. In addition to goods for treasure hunting, the store sells other goods intended for outdoor activities, fishing, hunting, tourism and other destinations.

In our online store you can buy any necessary equipment, including professional metal detectors.
A really large selection of metal detectors, GPS-navigators with maps of the Russian Federation in Russian language, binoculars, sonars, optical sights, telescopes, microscopes, monoculars, visual tubes, night vision devices. Our products cater to the widest and most diverse audience. You can not only buy a metal detector, but also other modern devices! Our audience is the whole country!

Discounts and gifts


A smart combination of price and quality! The price of a metal detector fully justifies the quality. Even inexpensive models have decent quality and high performance.

From time to time our store announces discounts and gifts. This can be seen on the homepage, on advertising banners and in the description of the product. There is a system of savings discounts - every regular buyer can see his discount in his personal office. Also, the discount is provided if you buy a metal detector or other products for a significant amount, it is necessary to contact the manager by phone or e-mail.

“Explorer - store” offers you metal detectors (metal detectors) of well-known companies specializing in the production of search equipment. You can buy metal detectors produced by such well-known companies as Fisher (USA), XP Metal Detectors (France), Minelab (Australia), metal detectors for personal inspection, Teknetics (USA), Garrett (USA), White’s ( ( ( The United Kingdom, Pulse Star (Germany) and others are represented by metal detectors of 11 manufacturing companies.

The price of the metal detector is set depending on the functionality of the device. You can choose metal detectors of any price category.

With a one-time purchase worth 59,000. rubles you become the owner of a discount card, and all subsequent purchases are carried out at a discount of 10%. The card is not named, so it can also be used by your friends and acquaintances. All regular customers also receive a discount card when they reach the total amount of orders of 59,000 rubles and above. In our store you can buy a metal detector very profitable and fast.

Making a metal detector with our own hands
Delivery takes three to twenty days (for russian buyers) and 5 to 45 days (for buyers from other countries) after paying the bill, depending on the method of delivery you choose. Purchase is considered paid, after the money will go into the bank account of our store.

Free express delivery is provided by all metal detectors and orders, the amount of which will be 25,000 rubles and above.