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Make a hobby a business collecting coins
There are many collectors all over the world who painstakingly and enthusiastically collect certain things. And groups of collectors of medals, orders, badges - faletists. But it turns out that such a hobby can become profitable, bringing a good income. Despite all the instability of the financial market, the preservation and multiplication of collectibles can generate an annual income of 20 to 30 percent.
However, like any business, such an investment is not simple and has its own rules and subtleties. Let’s first consider numismatics as a kind of profit article. Here are some rules that help the numismatics get a profit.

It is better to buy a small number of expensive coins than a large amount of coinage of a small price.

The most profitable shelf life of coins is two, four years. When buying, pay attention to their appearance. Do not purchase coins of poor quality.

Collectible coins must have documents confirming their authenticity. They must be certified by qualified experts.

In order not to spoil the collection, leave attempts to clean the coins yourself. Give this mission to people who know how to handle objects.

Do not spray, starting to collect coins, first find out where to sell coins in Moscow. Make a collection that relates to a specific time.

Auction prices for numismatics and phaleristics have a constant upward trend. But for investments in coins, orders, medals were profitable, it is necessary to acquire knowledge in these areas. And it is possible to glean them by carefully studying thematic catalogs through relevant web resources, consulting with experts who have an excellent reputation.

There is also a price tag for “new-found” - copies of commemorative currency of the 17th, 18th centuries, but released in the 19th century with the use of original stamps. They were made in small batches (about a hundred) especially for collections, therefore have a good price.

Coins made of copper also have a good value, and therefore bring a good income.
It is also good to collect coins of the Soviet and Russian periods, which are trial, not included in the serial issue. As well as silver rubles and coins for 50 cents of the issue of the twenties of the last century. But their appearance should be flawless.

It is worth mentioning coins and medals, called commemorative. Some may find them out of the spotlight of true collectors. Which is not true, as they were minted to certain significant milestones in the history of states, produced in small batches. In addition, they are minted from gold and silver, which in itself has a price. Time is fleeting and changeable, also changing states and their devices, so what today seems insignificant, tomorrow becomes a valuable antiques.

Items issued by St. Petersburg and Moscow mints have a special price. They are made artistically, qualitatively and have a good name among collectors all over the world.

The market for phallis and numismatics is rife with fakes, so when you buy something, be careful. Learn the technology for the production of things from the period to which the collection belongs. A small example: collecting coins of ancient Russia, it should be known that they can not be cast, because in ancient times they were cut from wire, after the image was applied with a hammer (hence the ruble - chop).

The collector will be successful if he acquires experience, knowledge and flair. You can avoid big risks by gaining an excellent knowledge of the history of money circulation. And he also needs to know where to sell banknotes.

A coin, even the oldest, is not always expensive. Before you buy anything, learn about the value thoroughly, otherwise you will buy an unnecessary item in the collection. The price of coins consists of such components:

Initial circulation;


The significance of the release era.

A few interesting facts about the awards. They are given for the merits of the person. Medals, orders - means of encouragement. They are also issued to various commemorative dates. As a rule, they have a round shape with all sorts of relief images.
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