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How to make a metal detector at home
How to make a sensitive metal detector with their own hands and which scheme of this device is the most popular among the masters? Metal detectors are electronic induction devices, the main task of which is to detect metal objects located in a neutral or weakly conductive environment - such as soil, water, walls, wood.

The device has a search coil, in which when turned on there is an electromagnetic field spreading around. It can explore the land, rocks, water, trees and air. The electromagnetic field created by the search coil contributes to the appearance of vortex currents on the surface of metals that have fallen into the range of the instrument.
If vortex currents occur, a metal object’s counter electromagnetic field is created, reducing the power of the electromagnetic field created by the search coil. This fixes the electronic circuitry of the device. After processing the information received, the metal detector signals the discovery of a metal object.

Cheap models of metal detectors differ from expensive only methods of radiation of radio waves and methods of capture, processing and deciphering secondary signals. More expensive devices are able to determine with a certain degree of probability which metal is detected even before it is extracted. It can also be determined the depth of the subject and some other parameters.

The searchers often wonder whether it is possible to make at least a simple metal detector at home. Many of them would like to make their own device. There are such craftsmen who are trying to improve the metal detector in any way, but there are also treasure hunters who are looking for treasures with homemade inventions. However, hand-made devices to find hidden objects are usually used only to find and collect scrap metal. For such work is enough the simplest device, which can easily catch large metal objects. Small objects made of metal such seekers are usually not interested.

Even if you do not make a metal detector with your own hands at home, the experience gained during the experiment will also come in handy. Having read specialized literature and studied the schemes of devices and the principle of work, it is not difficult to choose a good metal detector, manufactured in industrial conditions.

How to set up a metal detector Read to all beginners
To create a metal detector at home, improvised means alone is not enough. This requires some experience in electronics, good skills with diagrams and drawings, as well as certain equipment. You can try to assemble a device to search for metal objects yourself, ranging from the circuit to the search coil. And you can buy a set to create a metal detector.