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How to check the original device of the company Minelab or fake
How can I verify the authenticity of Minelab’s metal detectors? And recently there were a lot of metal detectors of various firms from Chinese comrades. now you need to be vigilant when buying a device for your hobby.
So to authenticate, we’ll need the Internet:

We go to the official website of Minelab http://www. Minelab. com. The site has a complete and up-to-date base on Metal detectors Minelab. (please note that when you view such databases on Russian websites, you will only get information about the serial number of goods imported by different companies). On the site we choose Russian.

In the section of THE CONSUMER, choose the point OF REGISTRATION OF THE GUARANTEE.
Next, choose the menu item Whole Detector and press the next .
Next in the product section, choose a model of your metal detector. Then below you enter the Control Block Serial number and the Serial Reel number. Click next.

If you enter a non-existent counterfeit number, the system will issue an inscription: The control box serial number entered does not match any serial numbers in our database.

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This means that the metal detector company with such a number does not exist in nature and you are brazenly trying to sell a counterfeit metal detector.

If the device is branded, you will get to the next page, where you can safely complete the registration of the warranty. At the same time, the top line will contain the inscription - Trip: complete. This means that your device’s serial number matched the number in the Minelab database.