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The man with the metal detector: the finds will be enough for hundreds of years
Dmitry Salei is the owner of a tour bureau working with English-speaking tourists, and a wonderful tour guide, about which in the most enthusiastic epithets speak guests of Tallinn. And he has a hobby: he searches for hidden in the ground antiquities with a metal detector. ” One day I was invited to search for […]
What to find with a metal detector
All search engines that poorly go to the cop, that do not climb out of the fields, dream in general about the same - to find as many coins, in good condition and even preferably rare. But as you know, luck smiles not everyone, in the fields, in addition to the finds of interest to […]
Metal detector with your own hands. Detailed instructions with diagrams
Some people believe that custom metal detectors are inferior in a number of parameters to branded models. But in fact, homemade designs can be in many ways even better sold “competitors”, and the price of the issue will vary by an order of magnitude. Diggers, members of military-historical organizations, local historians to save their budgets […]
Powerful Pirat metal detector with his own hands
Such metal detectors can be bought for about 100-300 dollars. The price of metal detectors is strongly interconnected with their depth of detection, not every metal detector can “see” coins at a depth of 15 cm. In addition, the cost of metal detectors is still strongly affected by the presence of a detector type of […]
Metal detector BU how to check
Metal detector BU is always profitable price, but there is a chance to take a “bride” who in addition to problems will not give you anything (you are not her first). My friend decided to buy a BU metal detector, and quite expensive, Minelab Explorer SE. Asked me to attend and if possible to check […]
Search for gold with a metal detector
Hello world! All with the coming new year! I think every digger in the back of his mind dreams of finding a redhead with his metal detector, which in professional slang treasure hunters is called gold. In any form, but, of course, it would be better to be a small bunch of royal chervos). Or  […]
If the police came to your cop. What to do?
Dig and don’t break the law? Go to England, they dig there, and museums buy out the finds. The commentator, A.M., sent advice on what to do with the police on the cop. It is relevant for Russia and Belarus. But the general principle will be useful to all. We read, especially beginners. The time […]
Iskateli Collectors Store Chain
The “Iskateli” group is a community of like-minded people who aim to develop a civilized search for artifacts and antiquities, military archaeology. That is why Iskateli opened its own search equipment store in 2004 with traditionally low prices. The range is constantly expanding and now we offer not only goods for search engines (metal detectors […]
Metal detectors
How it works: Admission-transfer Work underwater: There are Frequency: 1 Work rate: 7.8 kHz Maximum detection depth: 90 cm The type of coil included: Mono Metal detectors A metal detector is a device that helps detect a metal object in a specific environment. Modern models are compact, reliable and equipped with many features. Coming to […]
Choosing a metal detector to find gold
In recent years, the technique used in search operations is becoming more sophisticated, allowing you to make unexpected discoveries even for those who first picked up a treasure detection device. It is known that in 2009, an English amateur archaeologist, using a metal detector to search for gold, accidentally found on his friend’s farm  […]
Tune Minelab X-Terra 705
The X-Terra 705 is in all respects a special metal detector, we can say - top, with the possibility of changing the working frequency. A versatile device for the search for coins, military trophies, jewelry and gold mining. And now - he’s tuning in. Sensitivity As always, it affects the scope of the area and […]
How to set up a Garrett AT Pro metal detector
Garrett AT PRO was released in 2010 and has proven itself as a universal search device. Excellent search characteristics on the ground and the ability to dive into the water to a depth of three meters received a lot of enthusiastic reviews. Some diggers compare the metal detector with the younger version of the 350 […]
What can be found with a metal detector?
Until you work with a metal detector, it is hard to believe how numerous and varied the objects found in the ground. Here's a quick look at the main groups of objects you might encounter during your search. Coins These are the most common discoveries. The ancient trade used the first coins from the Arab East (6-X centuries), then Byzantine and Tatar coins appeared the first coins in the 10th century, but they were few and they apparently played the role of political action. From the mid-12th century, almost to the end of the 14th century, coins disappeared from the markets. As money was treated silver in the form of bullion […]
What can be found with a ground metal detector
The ground metal detector is designed to search for hidden metal objects, so it signals every time it detects a similar find. However, modern devices are so advanced that they are able to determine not only the size of the target, but also quite accurately distinguish the type of metal and independently determine the type of soil. Since there are a huge number of different objects in the ground, these detector functions are extremely important to identify valuable finds. In addition to metal debris, treasure hunters bring to the surface a lot of interesting objects with both historical and material value  […]
Options for balancing the ground of metal detectors
Soil condition analysis is important in the process of metal search, because perfectly clean soils do not exist and any element or characteristic has an impact on the quality of signals from the search coil. The content of mineral salts increase the electrical conductivity of the soil, magnetically saturated soils create interference with scanning, the presence of stones and iron in the soil create false signals. In addition, signals in wet and dry soil differ from each other, changing the sensitivity of the metal detector even on the same site. All this reduces the effectiveness of the search in case no measures are taken to combat soil mineralization […]
What benefits can be brought to treasure hunters of downpours
How often has this happened to you? Just went out into the field with a metal detector, as from somewhere came clouds and poured pouring rain. Probably, most of the time this happened in the spring. And here you can not argue, because this period is not only comfortable weather, but also sudden rains and thunderstorms, but in summer, thunderstorms and rain are also not uncommon. The safety technique of being in an open area with a metal device in a thunderstorm is known by all search engines, but not everyone knows that such weather conditions can play into the hands, especially those who hunt for gold. Heavy rain is able to wash out gold nuggets from the soil,  […]
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