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Why I chose the cheapest metal detector to search for gold and precious metals
Among my friends, who are engaged in the search for precious metals, there is already a long debate about which metal detector is better and how to choose your first detector to find gold.

At one point, I was also puzzled by such a question. Since the weather outside the window has become more acceptable for the search for gold treasures, and a decent device in my range is not yet, I decided to choose for myself the most optimal and less expensive model of the metal detector.
I have said before that I am not a professional in the search for precious metals, so all my recommendations will be based solely on advice received from the most successful treasure hunters from my environment.

If you have experience that you are willing to share and notice in my recommendations a mistake, I will also be happy to see your opinion in the comments.

Why you shouldn’t buy an expensive metal detector

According to my friends - you can find gold even with the help of a boat, but to miss a coin worth several thousand, you can have even the most expensive, and advanced metal detector in the world.

The first thing that a person who decides to buy a metal detector to find precious metals should understand is that metal detectors do not attract gold.

The detector, it’s a detector, that it only tells you about the presence of metals in the soil, and if they are not there, the device even for $10,000 will not find them.

90% of success in the search for precious metals depends on the skill, skills and training of the treasure hunter. How not to twist, but if you do not know the history of the area, do not know how to recognize signs and do not distinguish the primary signs of abandoned settlements, then trying to find gold for you, will be like poking your finger into the sky, hoping to get into the earthworm.

In such a situation, to buy an expensive device for a beginner, is equivalent to buying a new Mercedes for a person who has not yet passed on the rights. The probability of successful driving will actively strive for a huge zero!

As the lovers of gold searches assured me: if you pick up your first metal detector and do not have the proper amount of experience in finding old coins or gold jewelry, then spending on an expensive “Mercedes” you do not make any sense.

The key differences between an expensive and a cheap detector are a more accurate signal definition. A cheap metal detector will also tell you about the metal, as well as the road, except that it will not tell you which alloys the object consists of.

It is impossible to feel all the advantages of a professional metal detector, before an amateur, if you are not a professional yourself.

The first metal detector should be like the first car - the most simple, reliable and inexpensive

That is why, for me, as a beginner friends recommended a device costing only $50 on one of the Chinese sites. I will not announce the model, so that it does not look like advertising.

Which device to choose

It is known that metal detection devices differ in depth of detection, the frequency of metal detector and other characteristics.

However, for an amateur, or rather to say a rookie metal cop, these parameters will not say anything. After all, in order to learn how to use them, you should spend many months of continuous practice.

Gold jewelry, antique coins and precious metal products are the most desirable and favorite find for any treasure hunter.

However, not everyone manages to find gold, and it is not as easy to do with even the most advanced metal detector as it seems at first glance.

The key feature of allowing gold prospectors to find very profitable treasures is not their equipment, but years of experience.

Both a thin foil and a small coin can have the same signal, which on any metal detector will appear as a blacket or foil. However, an experienced jewel seeker will never miss even such a signal.

Of course, in capable hands, a professional metal detector will work more efficiently than in amateur hands. However, in the hands of a beginner, it will bring no more benefit than even the cheapest device.

I understand that many of the readers will consider the article empty. And to some extent they will be absolutely right. Perhaps I was able to make not many arguments.

But I just wanted to explain that the metal detector does not create gold, but only signals if it is in the soil. Therefore, to buy an expensive device, a person without skills (to which I belong), with the hope that the expensive model will quickly pay for itself, in my opinion - recklessness!

Expensive metal detector, this is a solution for professionals. Cheap - for beginners.
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